Groove of movement

Welcome to the movement.
Welcome and enjoy.
This is our moment.

Groove of movement is an event create especially for you, families.

For connect, be present and give our best.
How? With good music, becoming a safe space with good vibes.

In addition, this event is full of good wishes, since it has been based on a local and solidarity economy, supporting families with small businesses that settle in the city.

Families of artists and services that after a long break come together to make a need a reality: connection and presence in front of our children.
Pure joy.

This is our first one, so… come and enjoy with us!

*Additional information:

– The Groove of movement team reserves the right of admission.
– Admission (5€) is charged per person, from 1 to 99 years.
– Entry reservations are made by family.
– Any attitude based on negativity will be reported and the necessary measures will be applied.
– Food and drinks for purchase available at the event.
– Lots of fun organized. 🙂